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Grams To Ounces Full Weight Conversion Chart (5-800g)

Full conversion tables for grams to ounces (g to oz) conversions from 5g to 800g in 5 gram steps, values are also given in pounds and ounces for information.

gozlbs & oz
50.180lb 0.18oz
100.350lb 0.35oz
150.530lb 0.53oz
200.710lb 0.71oz
250.880lb 0.88oz
301.060lb 1.06oz
351.230lb 1.23oz
401.410lb 1.41oz
451.590lb 1.59oz
501.760lb 1.76oz
551.940lb 1.94oz
602.120lb 2.12oz
652.290lb 2.29oz
702.470lb 2.47oz
752.650lb 2.65oz
802.820lb 2.82oz
853.000lb 3.00oz
903.170lb 3.17oz
953.350lb 3.35oz
1003.530lb 3.53oz
gozlbs & oz
1053.700lb 3.70oz
1103.880lb 3.88oz
1154.060lb 4.06oz
1204.230lb 4.23oz
1254.410lb 4.41oz
1304.590lb 4.59oz
1354.760lb 4.76oz
1404.940lb 4.94oz
1455.110lb 5.11oz
1505.290lb 5.29oz
1555.470lb 5.47oz
1605.640lb 5.64oz
1655.820lb 5.82oz
1706.000lb 6.00oz
1756.170lb 6.17oz
1806.350lb 6.35oz
1856.530lb 6.53oz
1906.700lb 6.70oz
1956.880lb 6.88oz
2007.050lb 7.05oz
gozlbs & oz
2057.230lb 7.23oz
2107.410lb 7.41oz
2157.580lb 7.58oz
2207.760lb 7.76oz
2257.940lb 7.94oz
2308.110lb 8.11oz
2358.290lb 8.29oz
2408.470lb 8.47oz
2458.640lb 8.64oz
2508.820lb 8.82oz
2558.990lb 8.99oz
2609.170lb 9.17oz
2659.350lb 9.35oz
2709.520lb 9.52oz
2759.700lb 9.70oz
2809.880lb 9.88oz
28510.050lb 10.05oz
29010.230lb 10.23oz
29510.410lb 10.41oz
30010.580lb 10.58oz
gozlbs & oz
30510.760lb 10.76oz
31010.930lb 10.93oz
31511.110lb 11.11oz
32011.290lb 11.29oz
32511.460lb 11.46oz
33011.640lb 11.64oz
33511.820lb 11.82oz
34011.990lb 11.99oz
34512.170lb 12.17oz
35012.350lb 12.35oz
35512.520lb 12.52oz
36012.700lb 12.70oz
36512.880lb 12.88oz
37013.050lb 13.05oz
37513.230lb 13.23oz
38013.400lb 13.40oz
38513.580lb 13.58oz
39013.760lb 13.76oz
39513.930lb 13.93oz
40014.110lb 14.11oz
gozlbs & oz
40514.290lb 14.29oz
41014.460lb 14.46oz
41514.640lb 14.64oz
42014.820lb 14.82oz
42514.990lb 14.99oz
43015.170lb 15.17oz
43515.340lb 15.34oz
44015.520lb 15.52oz
44515.700lb 15.70oz
45015.870lb 15.87oz
45516.051lb 0.05oz
46016.231lb 0.23oz
46516.401lb 0.40oz
47016.581lb 0.58oz
47516.761lb 0.76oz
48016.931lb 0.93oz
48517.111lb 1.11oz
49017.281lb 1.28oz
49517.461lb 1.46oz
50017.641lb 1.64oz
gozlbs & oz
50517.811lb 1.81oz
51017.991lb 1.99oz
51518.171lb 2.17oz
52018.341lb 2.34oz
52518.521lb 2.52oz
53018.701lb 2.70oz
53518.871lb 2.87oz
54019.051lb 3.05oz
54519.221lb 3.22oz
55019.401lb 3.40oz
55519.581lb 3.58oz
56019.751lb 3.75oz
56519.931lb 3.93oz
57020.111lb 4.11oz
57520.281lb 4.28oz
58020.461lb 4.46oz
58520.641lb 4.64oz
59020.811lb 4.81oz
59520.991lb 4.99oz
60021.161lb 5.16oz
gozlbs & oz
60521.341lb 5.34oz
61021.521lb 5.52oz
61521.691lb 5.69oz
62021.871lb 5.87oz
62522.051lb 6.05oz
63022.221lb 6.22oz
63522.401lb 6.40oz
64022.581lb 6.58oz
64522.751lb 6.75oz
65022.931lb 6.93oz
65523.101lb 7.10oz
66023.281lb 7.28oz
66523.461lb 7.46oz
67023.631lb 7.63oz
67523.811lb 7.81oz
68023.991lb 7.99oz
68524.161lb 8.16oz
69024.341lb 8.34oz
69524.521lb 8.52oz
70024.691lb 8.69oz
gozlbs & oz
70524.871lb 8.87oz
71025.041lb 9.04oz
71525.221lb 9.22oz
72025.401lb 9.40oz
72525.571lb 9.57oz
73025.751lb 9.75oz
73525.931lb 9.93oz
74026.101lb 10.10oz
74526.281lb 10.28oz
75026.461lb 10.46oz
75526.631lb 10.63oz
76026.811lb 10.81oz
76526.981lb 10.98oz
77027.161lb 11.16oz
77527.341lb 11.34oz
78027.511lb 11.51oz
78527.691lb 11.69oz
79027.871lb 11.87oz
79528.041lb 12.04oz
80028.221lb 12.22oz


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